Thursday, March 31, 2011

extraneous ramblin

workin on a sci-fi story that i'll be
posting up in here in a few days.
it'll be divided into 5 to 6 page intervals...
till it's finito.

pic 1- my favorite lamp is next to my drawing table
consisting of a buncha flexible bx cables with halogen bulbs on the ends.

pic 2- all the pens and pencils/brushes from the week begin to pile up.

pic 3- a cropped section of a roughed panel from the sci-fi thing that's incoming.

so yeah,this is me,age 2...
i apparently drew all day,
even back then...also, my right arm
grew back shortly after the pic was taken,
thanks to my swamp thing photosynthesis pants.

lastly, here's some pics of a possible,aerosol induced sun dog,which lasted for hours,just a few days in jersey & in nyc.

granted,sun dogs are a documented,somewhat rare atmospheric phenomena...but it was the sheer amount of aerosols/residual particulate haze in the sky,on this specific morning...that had me leaning more towards "unnaturally" occurring and "geoengineered",in this case.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

wed. sparring

a colored,warm up sketch session from this mornin...courtesy of
some nifty new art materials i'd acquired within the last week.
i'm test driving the new goods..and it allows some experimentation.

pens,brushes and pencils feel right in my digits again...
for me,it's something that computers/technology will never be able to replace.
the tactile simplicity and tangible reality of having paper under my hand,
and sumi ink aftermaths drying on my fingertips.
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