Thursday, March 31, 2011

extraneous ramblin

workin on a sci-fi story that i'll be
posting up in here in a few days.
it'll be divided into 5 to 6 page intervals...
till it's finito.

pic 1- my favorite lamp is next to my drawing table
consisting of a buncha flexible bx cables with halogen bulbs on the ends.

pic 2- all the pens and pencils/brushes from the week begin to pile up.

pic 3- a cropped section of a roughed panel from the sci-fi thing that's incoming.

so yeah,this is me,age 2...
i apparently drew all day,
even back then...also, my right arm
grew back shortly after the pic was taken,
thanks to my swamp thing photosynthesis pants.

lastly, here's some pics of a possible,aerosol induced sun dog,which lasted for hours,just a few days in jersey & in nyc.

granted,sun dogs are a documented,somewhat rare atmospheric phenomena...but it was the sheer amount of aerosols/residual particulate haze in the sky,on this specific morning...that had me leaning more towards "unnaturally" occurring and "geoengineered",in this case.
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