Saturday, April 23, 2011

were is the sci-fi story?

my apologies for the delay...i've been experiencing some annoying tech issues stemming from an outdated comp that's been bombarded with massive files in recent weeks...
and tho still slowly chuggin's gettin to the point where it becomes unusable when i have any of my art programs opened,along with a few files i've taken to the drawing board to keep the roughs for the story flowing till i remedy the situation (a file spring cleaning,may be in order)

in the meantime,here's a werewolf concept for something way down the road,short story wise...
and as always,thanks for lookin.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

t s a

back in nov 2010...

yet today it continues...unabated.

*plus,if you have an issue with the tsa groping you or your kids, you'll apparently be scrutinized even moreso,as a direct result.

**updated** this tsa employee must've really enjoyed his daily pat-down duties.

***updated*** as you can see,babies aren't immune to tsa pat-downs either.
while the tsa is blaming the stroller ,as the cause in the incident.
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