Thursday, June 2, 2011

synchronicity via polaroid

synchronicity...seems like the best way to describe the realization when your childhood past sometimes comes 'full circle' and collides with the present...and you get to witness the accident,within a fleeting window.

ya see...i'd been scannin various pages to eventually put up for sale,via the ware$ section up top...

one of which,was this aliens:havok page (pic above)...
then shortly after,that same parents stopped by,and my mom had brought over a buncha old pics of me and my sis.

while lookin through one of the albums,i'd run across this one,in particular...
and it was at that moment,i'd realized a fleeting synchron had just taken place.

(me and alien circa 79)

needless to say,i'd laughed at both the synchronicity...and also the fact that it looks like the rosary in the pic had fused to the back of my skull...or possibly shot out of it...though not surprising...since i was unwittingly holding the
evil dickhead alien that i'd eventually go on to draw in comics years later.

eh,so yeah...anyways,full circle.

*as a bonus's the commercial for the 'alien' toy from 79.

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