Thursday, July 26, 2012

you're being framed

my compulsion for using conduit pipes in many of our home furnishings & light fixtures over the years had progressed to finally using them for canvas frames,some time ago.

we've now added limited canvases defaced with art print,iron-on decals ;framed with conduit hardware (bout 2 lbs worth)
to my cartel shop.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

> initiate *update added > initiate 'boaz'

here's the first 2 parts of my 5 page backups that'd initially started in PROPHET #23...and last week,had continued in PROPHET #25
anyhow,huge thanks to 'MC king city'... that multiple warheads deployin',prophetic scribe, brandon graham ...for askin me to be a part of such an incredibly fun project...and to the rest of the tremendously creative and talented crew...
who've truely inspired an ole,mangey comic dog,to try to come up with new tricks in an attempt to just keep up.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

old fusion

took a few hours last week & experimented combining a cropped portion of a painting
as a background with my latest sculpt in the foreground.the result is below...kinda has an odd 'viewmaster' feel to it.
i'm intrigued by the potential weirdness of mixing these types of mediums together...
yet having it look organic.
i'll eventually attempt a test with a diorama sculpt for the entire foreground section.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

murple derp

a nights worth of fledgling 3d experimentation with a really impressive freebie program called sculptris by pixologic...
it's apparently been out for awhile now...surprisingly tactile simulation of sculpting.
major props to pixelogic for offering such a robust tool at zero cost.

i'm gettin flashbacks of painting pewter d&d creatures/warriors back in grammar school,since it also allows you to paint up your creation afterwards.

pic above is the base coat of hues on the maquette...painting a 3d object is so much different since painting in 2d,the artist often has to make an object seem more dimensional...that step is basically takes awhile to get used to,but dang, it's incredibly fun.

*updated: painted a bit more...added some warmer earth tones over the purple/magentas:

Saturday, February 11, 2012

gif lab

i've been fascinated with 2d animation since i was a kid but had never ventured into the process of creating any of my own until recently in my spare time via gifs...

the lo-fi looping process of gifs allows a tiny snippet of visual information to be assimilated and possibly used within the realms of storytelling or even simple conceptual idea presentations.

anyways,i'll eventually be posting more experiments as i navigate thru my own gif wastelands during my numerous coffee breaks.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

january- warm ups

i'll try to maintain a monthly post of warm ups in 2012...then compile em all as a sketchbook at the end of the year along with ones i hadn't posted.

also: my wife insists the 2nd one down is frankenberry's cereal killer twin.
i'd eaten unfathomable amounts of the cereal as a child.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

terminator: 'suicide run'

my wife added all the original art from this 10 pager,written by alan grant,to the 'store'...
please note:there's a nostalgic glimpse of a walkman at the very end.
check out this nifty future tech circa 1983.
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