Saturday, March 3, 2012

murple derp

a nights worth of fledgling 3d experimentation with a really impressive freebie program called sculptris by pixologic...
it's apparently been out for awhile now...surprisingly tactile simulation of sculpting.
major props to pixelogic for offering such a robust tool at zero cost.

i'm gettin flashbacks of painting pewter d&d creatures/warriors back in grammar school,since it also allows you to paint up your creation afterwards.

pic above is the base coat of hues on the maquette...painting a 3d object is so much different since painting in 2d,the artist often has to make an object seem more dimensional...that step is basically takes awhile to get used to,but dang, it's incredibly fun.

*updated: painted a bit more...added some warmer earth tones over the purple/magentas:

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